2008 Ford F250, F350, F450, F550 Super Duty Truck 6.4L Diesel Service Manual

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Covers: 2008, 2009*, 2010* Ford F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 Super Duty with 6.4L Powerstroke OHV, DI Turbocharged V8 Diesel

  • with 6.4L Powerstroke
  • with Torqshift automatic transmission only

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This service manual download provides the technician with OEM information for servicing Ford Super Duty 6.4L diesel trucks (2WD/4WD) with Torqshift transmission. *While the manual is intended for the 2008 model year minimal changes were made for 2009/2010 model years.

Please note that the manual is divided into many individual PDF files and organized into folders.


Multifunction Electronic Modules
Specifications – Acceleration Control
Specifications – Accessory Drive
Specifications – Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Stability Control
Specifications – Automatic Transaxle, Transmission – TorqShift
6.4L Fuel Filter Change Guide
Specifications – Automatic Transaxle, Transmission External Controls Metrics
Powerstroke Oil Filter Change Guide

General Information Service Information Identification Codes Description And Operation (Identification Codes)
General Information Service Information Jacking And Lifting Description And Operation (Jacking And Lifting)
General Information Service Information Maintenance Schedules Description And Operation (Maintenance Schedule – 6.4L Diesel)
General Information Service Information Noise, Vibration and Harshness Description And Operation (Noise, Vibration And Harshness (NVH)
General Information Service Information Noise, Vibration and Harshness Diagnosis And Testing (Noise, Vibration And Harshness (NVH)

Camber and Caster Adjustment
Lean Correction
Ride Height Measurement
Suspension Systems
Toe Adjustment
Wheel Alignment Angles
Wheel Bearing Inspection
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Wheels And Tires
Driveline Driveshaft
Driveline Rear Drive Axle & Differential – Dana 80
Driveshaft Rear Drive Axle & Differential – Dana S110 And S130
Driveline Wheel Hubs And Bearings – Full Floating Axle – Dana
Driveline Rear Drive Axle & Differential – Ford 10
Driveline Wheel Hubs And Bearings – Full Floating Axle – Ford
Driveline Front Drive Axle & Differential
Brake System Description And Operation (Brake System)
Brake System Diagnosis And Testing (Principles Of Operation)
Brake System General Information
Brake System General Procedures
Brake System Front Disc Brake
Brake System Rear Disc Brake
Brake System Parking Brake And Actuation
Brake System Power Brake Actuation
Brake System Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) And Stability Control
Brake System Auxiliary Brake System
Steering System
Steering System Power Steering
Steering System Steering Linkage
Steering System Steering Column

Engine Engine System – General Information Diagnosis And Testing (Engine)
Engine Engine System – General Information General Procedures
Engine Engine – 6.4L
Engine Engine Cooling
Engine Fuel Charging And Controls – 6.4L
Engine Accessory Drive
Engine Starting System
Engine Glow Plug System
Engine Engine Emission Control
Engine Intake Air Distribution And Filtering
Engine Evaporative Emissions
Engine Electronic Engine Controls – Diesel Engine
Automatic Transmission Automatic Transaxle & Transmission – TorqShift
Automatic Transmission Transaxle & Transmission Cooling
Automatic Transmission Automatic Transaxle & Transmission External Controls
Fuel System Fuel System
Fuel System Fuel Tank And Lines
Fuel System Acceleration
Fuel System Speed Control

Electrical Climate Control System
Electrical Horn
Electrical Parking Aid
Electrical Battery And Charging System Charging System
Electrical Battery, Mounting And Cables
Electrical Generator And Regulator
Electrical Audio Systems Information And Entertainment Systems
Electrical Lighting Exterior Lighting
Electrical Lighting Interior Lighting
Electrical Electrical Distribution Module
Electric Electric Feature Group Anti-Theft – Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)
Electric Electronic Feature Group Remote Convenience
Electric Multifunction Electronic Modules

Body Body System
Body Front End Body Panels
Body Body Closures
Body Pickup Bed And Platform Body
Body Interior Trim And Ornamentation
Body Exterior Trim And Ornamentation
Body Rear View Mirrors
Body Seating
Body Glass, Frames And Mechanisms
Body Instrument Panel And Console
Body Handles, Locks, Latches And Entry Systems
Body Wipers And Washers
Roof Opening Panel
Body Bumpers
Body Safety Belt System
Body Supplemental Restraint System
Body Body Repairs

Powerstroke 6.4L Powertrain Control Overview
Diagnostic Trouble Code DTC Charts and Descriptions
Engine Control Components
Fuel System
Hard Start-No Start Diagnostic Procedure
Hard Start-No Start Diagnostic Worksheet
Performance Diagnostic Procedure
Performance Diagnostic Worksheet
Pinpoint Test A – PCM Power Relay
Pinpoint Test AA – PCM Read Only Memory Failure
Pinpoint Test AB – Engine Oil Level Overfull
Pinpoint Test AC – OBD Systems Readiness Test Not Complete
Pinpoint Test AD – PCM Reset
Pinpoint Test AE – Unable to Activate Self-Test – Network Comm Error
Pinpoint Test AF – Glow Plug System
Pinpoint Test AG – Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
Pinpoint Test AH – Cooling Fan
Pinpoint Test AI – Brake Pedal Position Switch
Pinpoint Test AK – Turbocharger Actuator
Pinpoint Test AL – Transmission Range Circuit
Pinpoint Test AM – AC Clutch
Pinpoint Test AN – Power Take-Off Control
Pinpoint Test AR – Misfire
Pinpoint Test AT – ECT and EOT Correlation
Pinpoint Test AU – MAP and BARO Correlation
Pinpoint Test AV – MAP and EP Correlation
Pinpoint Test AW – IAT and IAT2 Correlation
Pinpoint Test AX – Intake Throttle
Pinpoint Test AY – Brake Pressure Applied Switch
Pinpoint Test AZ – EGR Cooler System
Pinpoint Test B – Reference Voltage VREF
Pinpoint Test C – Clutch Pedal Position CPP Switch
Pinpoint Test D – Crankshaft Position CKP Sensor
Pinpoint Test DF – Vehicle Speed Sensor VSS
Pinpoint Test E – MAP Sensor
Pinpoint Test F – Intake Air Temperature IAT Sensor
Pinpoint Test G – Intake Air Temperature 2 IAT2 Sensor
Pinpoint Test I – Parking Brake Applied PBA Switch
Pinpoint Test J – MAF Sensor
Pinpoint Test K – ECT Sensor
Pinpoint Test KA – Turbocharger System Performance
Pinpoint Test L – EOT Sensor
Pinpoint Test M – Fuel System
Pinpoint Test MA – Fuel Pump Control – Low Pressure Pump
Pinpoint Test MB – Fuel Rail Pressure FRP Sensor
Pinpoint Test MC – Fuel Rail Temperature FRT Sensor
Pinpoint Test MD – Fuel Cooling Pump System
Pinpoint Test ME – Fuel Pump Control – High Pressure Fuel Injection Pump
Pinpoint Test O – Water In Fuel WIF Sensor
Pinpoint Test P – Fuel Injector
Pinpoint Test QH – Fuel Level Input
Pinpoint Test RA – Catalyst System
Pinpoint Test RB – Diesel Particulate FIlter DPF System
Pinpoint Test RC – Exhaust Gas Temperature EGT Sensor
Pinpoint Test V – Camshaft Position CMP Sensor
Pinpoint Test W – EGR System
Pinpoint Test WA – EGR Temperature EGRT Sensor
Pinpoint Test X – Exhaust Pressure EP Sensor
Pinpoint Test Z – Keep Alive Power
Powertrain Control Hardware
Powertrain Control Software
DTL – Powerstroke 64 Diesel Issues
Engine Wiring Schematics 6.4L

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